Saturday, August 26, 2017

The mission of the SEF is to promote learning opportunities for all Somerville residents. This will be achieved by raising and distributing funds, facilitating discussion and promoting best practices related to education.

2017-18  Objectives
Create sustainable organization that will last and grow
1) Work with core community groups to build a diverse and effective board
2) Build community through fun, interactive, and inclusive events like Somerville Steam Social (S^3)
3) Create social media community assets (Website, Facebook, Twitter, etc)
Support education through fundraising and grants
1) Generate a portfolio of revenue that attracts major contributors and small donors
2) Coordinate grant giving with allied groups such as the Scholarship Fund, Duhamel Initiative, and others to maximize funds to support all learners.
Support learning through informed discussion
1) Create a website and e-mail list to encourage evidence-based discussions on topics of interest to the community
2) Host forums about topics of interest to the community and publish summary reports.
3) Work with the City and Somerville Public Schools to come up with a comprehensive plan for lifelong learning

Draft 2017-18 Calendar (+ office hours at Block 11 with Joe and with Mary in fall, winter, and spring)
  1. Thu Sep 14 - 8-10 PM SEF/S^3 Meet-Up 8-9:30pm - Hosts: Marian Berkowitz & Dave Turin
  2. Wed Oct 18 - 8-10 PM Hosts: Becky Masterson Wong & Gordon Wong; Guest speaker: Jack Schneider
  3. Wed Nov 15 - 6-8 PMFabville @Somerville High School
  4. Thu Jan 18 - 6-8 PM STEAM Social at Greentown Labs
  5. Thu Feb 12 - 6-8 PM SEF Meet-Up Hosts: Jeff and Abby: Guest speaker: Paul Reville
  6. Thu Mar 15 - 6-8 PM STEAM Social at Greentown Labs 6:00-8:00pm
  7. Thu Apr 19 – 8-10 PM SEF/S^3 Meet-Up
  8. Thu May 17 - 8-10 PM SEF/S^3 Meet-Up
  9. ????????? – End of Year Meeting and Social

Get involved.  Send an e-mail to Greg Nadeau <> or Marian Berkowitz <>.

Would you like to be considered for a seat on the SEF Board? Contact Nancy Curtatone <>.

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